100-night Sleep Trial

All Purchased Mattresses Qualify

All Natural Latex Standard, Natural Latex Low Profile and Bio Crystal mattresses purchased qualify for a 100 night sleep trial, provided you have not previously returned to our location.

How to get started

The sleep trial begins when the new mattress arrives at your home. We recommend using one of our mattresses protectors to keep the mattress clean and unsoiled or stained. Mattresses that have been damaged or stained during sleep trial will not be accepted for return.

Before initiating a sleep trial return, we require customers to spend at least 30 nights from delivery sleeping on your new mattress to ensure you have had enough time for your body to adjust to sleeping on a new supportive sleep surface. You  have until night 100 to initiate a claim.

Replacing the mattress

The pickup of the mattress will be coordinated with customer service and a refund will be issued after the mattress is returned to our location.

You will receive a full refund, except in the case of extra shipping fees incurred due to a change of address from original shipping address.