Why Regenerist™ Biocrystal® foam?

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Why a Biocrystal® mattress?

We live in a high stress and busy world, leaving us often feeling drained of energy and exhausted. People across the world have turned to crystals for their healing benefits. Sleeping, sitting or resting on foam infused with Biocrystal® revitalizes the body, providing the quality rest needed so you can function well each and every day.

How does it improve health?

A Regenerist™ mattress infused with Biocrystal® foam will:

  • Promote proper cell function
  • Relieve stress and improve relaxation
  • Increase energy for improved performance
  • Provide quality rest and recuperation
  • Exceptional pressure relief
  • Improve sleep quality

How does it work?

Exclusive to Dormir, the Regenerist™ Biocrystal® foam mattress contains a powerful proprietary crystal combination which is perfect for the top comfort layer of your bed because of its envelopment, pressure relieving and heat dissipation properties (the effectiveness of the Biocrystal® is not affected by placement in the mattress).

This innovative crystal technology improves energy renewal and provides quality rest and recuperation, so you can face each day feeling rested and vital.