Store Terms

Please note: Our pricing includes shipping for all items in most urban centres. Canadian rural zones will incur an extra charge of $50.00 dollars for mattresses and $25.00 dollars for pillows and toppers. See below for rural postal codes that will incurr these additional charges.


  • T0V

British Columbia

  • V0S
  • V0W


  • A0A-A0N
  • A0P-A0R
  • A1A-A1H
  • A1K-A1M
  • A1N
  • A1S-A2N
  • A2V
  •  A5A
  • A8A

New Brunswick

  • E1A-E1H
  • E1J
  • E1N-E2G
  • E2H-E2S
  • E2V
  • E3A-E3E
  • E3G
  • E3L-E3Z
  • E4A-E9H

Northwest & Yukon Territory

  •  X0A-X1A
  •  Y0A-Y1A

Nova Scotia

  • B0C-B0W
  • B1A-B2T
  • B2V-B4G
  • B4H-B5A
  • B6L
  • B9A

Prince Edward Island

  • C0A-C0B
  • C1A-C1N


  • G0A
  • G0C-G0Z
  • G3H
  • G3L-G4A
  • G4T
  • G5X
  • G7N
  • G8G
  • A8A

Returns & Replacements

Before initiating a sleep trial return, we require customers to spend at least 30 nights from delivery sleeping on your new mattress to ensure you have had enough time for your body to adjust to sleeping on a new supportive sleep surface. You have until night 100 to initiate a claim.

The pickup of the mattress will be coordinated with customer service and a refund will be issued after the mattress is returned to our location.

You will receive a full refund, except in the case of extra shipping fees incurred due to a change of address from original shipping address.


To place order you should add the items to your cart, shipping is included in the price for the majority of the country.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We accept payment using credit cards (Visa, and Master Card) securely through Moneris.  We also accept Payments from your Paypal account.

Viewing Orders

Always try to review your order before you proceed to the checkout .

Updating Account Information

Always keep all your account information(name, address, telephone number) updated.