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Ice Silk Mattress Protectors

About the Ice Silk Mattress Protectors Mattress

Protect your mattress and manage mattress temperature during the night with a Icesilk mattress topper. Fabricated from a strategic weaving of advanced cooling nylon fibres, this mattress topper has increased capacity to absorb heat through the night.

Icesilk This amazing fabric is made possible by a strategic weaving of advanced cooling nylon fibres into the surface of this protector. These cooling fibres increased capacity to absorb heat is essential to its ability to help balance the temperature of your mattress during the night.

Non-slip Elastic The elastic on this mattress protector is 4-5 times thicker and stronger than the standard elastic found on most protectors. No more having to deal with slipped-off corners!

Fit & Finish This will be the best fitting mattress protector you have ever had! The entire protector is designed to fit your mattress like a glove, no more bunching under the sheets.

Water Proof & Breathable Accidents happen! That is why our protectors have a water proof barrier built in to protect your mattress.

5-Sided The sides of the Icesilk protector are also waterproofed for extra protection against accidents!

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