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4 reasons why natural latex mattresses provide a healthier sleep

Published February 9, 2023
4 Reasons Why Natural Latex Mattresses Provide A Healthier Sleep

Most of us spend approximately 30% of our lives sleeping. With more evidence appearing almost daily about how important sleep is to overall health, it’s also critical to think about what you’re sleeping on. It’s essential for your well-being to spend the right amount of time in the land of Nod. If you’re sleeping in an unhealthy environment, your health can be impacted. 

Natural latex is healthier for you. It’s also more durable and reliable with a much longer life expectancy than most other types of mattresses.

Here’s some other reasons to purchase a natural latex mattress

  1. Natural latex mattresses are resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew and have hypoallergenic properties that keep pesky intruders away. Natural latex mattresses also don't off-gas — you and your loved ones will be protected from dangerous toxins found in other types of mattresses.
  2. Natural latex products are more fire resistant. We don’t really need to say more about this benefit.
  3. They are more comfortable because they conform to your shape, not the other way around. Because of this they provide a higher level of pain relief and prevention. Because we offer the option to customize your mattress, our customers can choose a specific level of comfort and feel. Some people prefer different firmness levels — we can build a mattress with separate firmness levels on each side to accommodate individual preferences. With natural latex, motion is also isolated, so when one bed partner turns or tosses, the movement is barely felt by the other sleeper.
  4. Natural latex mattresses are also environmental friendly; they are biodegradable. A regular mattress takes many years to degrade — you only need to look at a landfill to see the environmental issues they create. 

If you’re considering a new mattress purchase, or your sleep quality isn’t what it should be, consider a natural latex mattress. At Dormir, we’ve had decades of experience as a family business creating great sleeps for our customers. 

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