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How to Shop for a Mattress Online: Tips & FAQs

Published May 16, 2024
How to Shop for a Mattress Online: Tips & FAQs

Purchasing a mattress online doesn't have to be a blind leap of faith. With the right information, you can make a decision that ensures many restful nights. This guide is your ticket to navigating the online mattress shopping sea with ease. These tips are sure to lead you to the perfect mattress!

What should I consider before buying a mattress online?

First, evaluate your sleep needs by considering mattress firmness, size, and material. If you're a side sleeper, a softer mattress might be preferable, while back or stomach sleepers may benefit from firmer support.

Here’s a quick guide to help each type of sleeper choose the right mattress:

Side Sleepers:

  • Prefer softer to medium firmness to cushion shoulders and hips.
  • Memory foam or hybrid mattresses are often suitable choices.

Back Sleepers:

  • Benefit from medium to firm mattresses to support lower back alignment.
  • Innerspring or hybrid mattresses can provide the necessary support.

Stomach Sleepers:

  • Need firm mattresses to prevent the hips from sinking too deeply, which misaligns the spine.
  • Firm foam or dense innerspring mattresses are ideal.

Combination Sleepers:

  • Should look for medium firmness that offers versatility for changing positions.
  • Responsive materials like latex or advanced hybrids adapt well to movement.

Also, consider hypoallergenic materials if you have allergies, and think about mattress thickness if you struggle with getting in and out of bed.

How can I effectively research mattresses?

Begin with reading customer reviews on reputable sites to gauge satisfaction and potential issues. Additionally, explore independent review sites like Consumer Reports or Sleep Foundation, which provide comparative insights and performance ratings on various mattress brands and models focusing on longevity, comfort, and support.

What are key policies that may help when buying a mattress online?

Important policies include the trial period and return process. A trial period should be at least 90 days, giving you ample time to adjust to your new mattress. Understand the specifics of the return process; some companies may require you to keep the mattress for a minimum number of days before initiating a return, and some may offer free returns while others charge a fee.

How does a mattress arrive when ordered online?

When you order a mattress online, it typically arrives at your doorstep in a compressed, vacuum-sealed form inside a box. This method, known as bed-in-a-box, allows for easier shipping and handling. The mattress is rolled or folded and then vacuum-sealed in plastic packaging to keep it compact. Upon receiving it, you simply unbox the mattress, remove the packaging, and allow it to expand to its full size over a few hours.

Some online retailers may also offer white glove delivery services, where the mattress is delivered, unpacked, and set up in your desired room, and the packaging and your old mattress can be taken away.

Can I return a mattress I bought online?

Yes, you can typically return a mattress bought online. Most online mattress companies understand the difficulty in purchasing a mattress without trying it first, so they offer generous trial periods, often ranging from 100 to 365 nights. During this period, if you decide the mattress isn't right for you, you can return it for a full refund. The return process usually involves contacting the company to initiate the return, and they often arrange for the mattress to be picked up.

Why are certifications important in mattresses?

Certifications such as CertiPUR-US for foam mattresses indicate that the product is made without harmful chemicals and with low volatile organic compound emissions, improving indoor air quality. These certifications also ensure that the mattresses meet rigorous standards for durability and substance emissions.

How do I find the best deals on mattresses?

Monitor mattress prices over time to spot the best deals, as many online mattress companies align their best sales with holidays. Signing up for email newsletters can provide early access to sales and exclusive offers. Comparison shopping is also key; use tools like Google Shopping to compare prices across different retailers.

What type of base is suitable for my mattress?

The right base depends on the type of mattress. For example, memory foam mattresses perform best on solid, firm foundations like a platform bed or a slatted base with slats closer together to prevent sagging. A traditional mattress usually does best with a box spring base. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best base type to ensure warranty compliance and optimal mattress performance.

What details should I look for in the product description?

Examine specifics like the foam density, which affects the mattress' durability and comfort; higher densities often offer better support and longer life. Look also for information on cooling technologies if you sleep hot, and edge support if you frequently sit on the side of your bed.

How can I ensure the mattress I buy online will be comfortable?

When shopping for a mattress online, gauging comfort can be challenging since you can't test it beforehand. However, you can take several steps to increase the likelihood of purchasing a mattress that meets your comfort needs by:

  • Reading Detailed Reviews: Focus on reviews from customers who have similar sleeping preferences and body types. Pay special attention to comments about firmness, support, and overall comfort.
  • Checking the Materials and Construction: Understand the materials used, such as the types of foam (memory, polyurethane, latex), springs, or other structures, and how they contribute to the mattress's feel.
  • Looking for Sleep Trials: Choose brands that offer sleep trials. This allows you to sleep on the mattress for a set period (usually 100 days or more) with the option to return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Consulting with Customer Support: Use the retailer's customer support to get more information and recommendations based on your specific preferences and needs.

By thoroughly researching and utilizing trials, you can significantly improve your chances of finding a comfortable mattress online.

Can I negotiate the price of an online mattress?

Direct negotiation might not be possible, but you can still find great seasonal deals like Black Friday and Boxing Day. Some companies offer price matching, and you can use chat features on websites to inquire about upcoming promotions or additional discounts. Using cashback and discount code websites can also secure you a better deal at checkout.

What should I do after my mattress is delivered?

Test your mattress thoroughly during the trial period. Pay attention to whether your sleep quality improves and if any physical complaints are resolved or arise. If you're not satisfied, most companies will arrange for the mattress to be picked up for a refund or exchange during the trial period.

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