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5 Holiday Sleep Hacks That Prevent You From Turning Into a Grinch

Published February 9, 2023
Holiday Sleep Hacks That Prevent You From Turning Into A Grinch

Holidays are that special time of year where you get to indulge in delicious foods, make gingerbread houses, clean your home, shop for presents, watch Elf for the fifth time in a row with your kids...time and quality sleep can get away from you. How can you avoid turning into a sleep-deprived Grinch over the Holidays?! Here are five hacks that can help!

Get Outside for Some Fresh Air! 

It may be a bit chilly or even snowy in December. Still, a brief walk outside before or after the daily festivities will help your body maintain a healthy circadian rhythm, leading to a night of more restorative sleep. It's also the PERFECT opportunity to build a snowman!

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More! 

Due to the "new normal," we're all facing this holiday season, your celebrations have probably changed, but planning can help ease financial, physical and emotional stress! Make a grocery list, as well as your shopping list, and remember to stick to it! Stress can prevent you from getting the deep sleep your body needs to recharge, so spend time on only the most essential parts of your holiday season!

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

It's not easy to get 8 hours of sleep during the holidays, but make it a priority to carve out a consistent schedule of slumber every night. Please remember to give yourself a little flexibility and avoid staying up later than 1 hour later than your regular bedtime.

Sweat Off Those Holiday Sweets 

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean it's time to slack on those squats! Regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living, and sticking to a fitness regimen is a great way to clear your head of any holiday stressors!

Watch What You Eat and Drink!

There's nothing wrong with indulging during the holiday season! Just be mindful of your sugar intake and look for reduced sugar options whenever possible. While that second Egg Nog may be tempting, ingesting large amounts of sugar, especially before bed, can negatively affect the quality of sleep you have.

At, plentiful sleep is our passion. We hope you have a wonderful and healthy holiday season filled with love and quality sleep! If you or a loved one wants to learn more about how our natural latex mattresses can help you rest easy during any season, visit our selection of mattress products here! 

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