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Did We Succeed in Helping Rubyyy Jones Get Their Best Sleep Ever?

Published February 9, 2023
Did We Succeed In Helping Rubyyy Jones Get Their Best Sleep Ever?

When it comes to, we have always been a company that strives to be the best and provide our customers with high-quality mattress products that really change their sleep for the better. In order to achieve that, we value any honest feedback about our mattresses and sleep accessories and use it as a starting point for further improvements in our manufacturing operations, ordering process and online content.

In 2021, we took a brave step forward and invited our favourite influencer – Rubyyy Jones, to take part in our journey by choosing and ordering a mattress from our online store and then putting it to the most crucial test – the test of actually sleeping on the mattress for a while!

We share our sincere gratitude to Rubyyy Jones for their review and willingness to get to know us and test our products! It is always a pleasure working with them!


Rubyyy Jones's Review on Dormir Mattresses

Happy to be sharing an overall excellent experience with Dormir Bed & Foam!

I was looking at mattresses for weeks, trying to decide which type and which company to go for, but was really feeling conflicted about which style to buy: foam mattress or coil mattress. I had more recently had two foam mattresses: one I liked okay and one I absolutely hated, and I was really anxious about purchasing another foam/mattress in a box but also - to be honest - I was balking at the coil mattress prices, not wanting to splash out on an option that wasn't perhaps the perfect fit.

Why Did I Choose Dormir?

There are many reasons I chose to go with Dormir. I liked that they are foam mattresses but that there are options for your mattress core and firmness, and I felt like that made them a more sturdy and lux option. I really like that they are a Canadian family company and that all the mattresses are custom made in a Calgarian warehouse. Free shipping in Canada helped too!


All the Information You Need Is Already on the Website

The Dormir website is very detailed, and I really appreciated that. Being a big investment, you want to feel confident and clear on your purchase, and each mattress style has its own lengthy description that you can peruse. I found the about/FAQ section to be really helpful before my purchase and to double-check details on its arrival, the materials and other things I wanted to remind myself of before it arrived. I saw a review saying the wordy website was too much, but personally, it made me feel very comfortable making this big purchase. For example, it was excellent to be able to understand the different materials that went into the construction of each mattress and their benefits. It helped me to be sure I was selecting the right mattress and that my sleep needs would be met. So take your time with the website. It's a fantastic resource!

The Easy and Smooth Ordering Process Really Makes a Difference

The ordering process felt really easy because I felt informed by the website, but I also really liked that each element of your mattress was a different selection: the type, the size, the shape, the firmness, all of it was an individual step or drop-down menu, and so I could feel sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. Not going to lie; the hardest part was deciding whether I was going to cause household chaos and go for a circle-shaped bed! Although I went for a standard size in the end, I thought it was pretty amazing that there were so many options for your bed shape and that they could even do custom shapes too. Maybe next time!

Which Latex Mattress Stole My Heart

I ordered the Standard Profile True Green 100% Natural Latex mattress. There are two models of this mattress, but I went with the Standard Profile because of my bed frame but also hoping to find a balance of a mattress that was both firm and supportive, but soft and comfy too. I know there are many opinions out there about Latex mattresses, but this felt like the right option for me for several reasons!

The Perfect Fit for a Heavy and a Light Sleeper

First of all, I am a heavy sleeper, but my partner is a very light sleeper, and I know that latex is highly recommended in this case because you're less likely to disturb your light sleeping partner because the motions of turning or tossing are more isolated to the mover and the mattress underneath them, not the mattress as a whole.

The Hypoallergenic and Eco-friendly Nature of Latex

The second reason is because of its hypoallergenic properties and the more eco-friendly nature of latex: biodegradable at the end of its shelf life, but more nurturing for you and your household overall with there being natural resistance to mould, dust, etc.

A Mattress That Will Last a Long Time

And the final reason is that natural latex mattresses have a good reputation for lasting longer and keeping their firmness and shape more completely too. There were a few extra features that came with this mattress that I was really excited to see in action: the mattress has a thick New Zealand wool layer and an organic cotton cover, and they're supposed to really help with temperature control, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I had not seen any other mattresses with something that addresses this built-in, as opposed to a topper or another add-on layer, so this felt like a fabulous bonus and a promise I hoped it would live up to. *spoiler* It did. It has!

The last selection you have to make when ordering is your firmness. They recommend a medium level of firmness, but we decided to go for the firmest option because of our experience with foam being a bit too soft in the past. My partner and I kind of felt like we would rather our mattress be a bit too firm than a bit too soft, to be honest, and though Dormir does have a great customizing option where you can choose different firmnesses for each side of the mattress, we decided to go for one density and intensity overall and are really happy we did too.

How I Felt During the Communication Process With Dormir

The final parts of the ordering process were simple enough. Make sure you check their website for any special discounts or deals and enter the promo code before purchasing. I had a little stumble at the checkout, had to re-enter my payment details, and was about to contact the company (they have email or phone options), but within minutes of purchasing, I received a phone call from the company, and they confirmed my entire order and that it had been processed without a problem.

I also received an email shortly after that phone call. My only suggestion around the emails is to check your spam/junk emails because a few of the emails I got from the company kept bouncing in there. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the emails either sometimes, you get a barrage with order updates and sales emails, but I appreciated that the emails felt pertinent and informative: it had been shipped, shipping info etc., nothing too invasive.

An Excellent Delivery Process

The delivery was done through Canpar, a courier I wasn't familiar with, but their communication and service were excellent. My mattress - maybe because of the firmness upgrade - weighed a lot, and the courier couldn't believe it was a mattress, so I recommend having assistance with you when meeting the delivery person and moving the mattress in your home. The courier brought it into our house, but obviously, we still had to move it to the bedroom, so that's when you might want another pair of hands with you.

The mattress *does* come in a box but is also wrapped in plastic so that when it comes out of the box, it doesn't pop out immediately. We got a little confused by the instructions, but we got there in the end! It is recommended that you give the mattress 48 hours of space to fluff up and expand, and we did follow the instructions here, minus the periodic mattress testing by us and our cats. Every time we laid down on it, we got more excited for the final form.

Rubyyy Jones Shopfoammattresses

What Do I Think About My Dormir Mattress a Couple of Months Later?

We've had the mattress for several months now, and the truth is: it's absolutely amazing. It has truly transformed my sleep!

I was really struggling with sleeping before this purchase, and I hated our dense and dull foam mattress, which made tricky sleep almost impossible, and now I'm resting better in every way: falling asleep more easily, sleeping through the night more consistently, not feeling sore when I wake up and, even when I don't sleep, I have a much more restful night. My body feels supported, head to toe, and the mattress is firm, yes, but the wool and foam combined still make for a really cushiony and welcoming firmness.

We had the mattress through the dead of winter, and it truly felt warm but not in a stifling way. The wool and cotton really do support the body's temperature, and we never woke up feeling sticky or sweaty, as you do sometimes in colder weather. We always felt comfortable and cozy. Moving into warmer weather, we've felt the same, that the mattress is so breathable and so intuitive around temperature; it feels like a really restful and helpful feature of this product.

Dormir mattresses offer a 100-day sleep trial on this model of the mattress, and a few others, so that if it doesn't work for you - and you take care of it in this 100 days - you can return it to them for a replacement or refund, which is a really great offer for such an investment but you will not need it! This is an excellent product and everything, from the website to ordering, to the first night of sleep, was fantastic and everything I would have expected and wanted from a large purchase experience. My only other suggestion, to make your experience excellent too, is that: before purchasing, really take your time reading all the information on the materials, the models and the options so that you are getting your most perfect mattress from the get-go. My only regret? That I didn't get some pillows too! Treat yourself!

Learn more about Dormir's 100% natural latex mattresses, and give them a call for more information about their fabulous products!

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