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Difficulty sleeping in the heat of summer?

Published February 9, 2023
Difficulty Sleeping In The Heat Of Summer?

Having a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep because you’re too warm?

When temperatures soar, it becomes more difficult to fall — and stay — asleep. Your body needs to cool down at night to get the rest you need for optimum wellness and vitality.

What’s the problem?

If you are still sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you are likely accustomed to waking up feeling hot and tangled up in sweaty sheets during the summer months. Many people complain about getting overheated because of memory foam mattresses.

The reason memory foam mattresses are so hot is they are designed to use body heat and pressure to conform to your body. This is what causes your body temperature to rise. Think about it — foam is used as insulation. If you have a sleeping partner, double the amount of body heat is retained in a memory foam mattress.

What is a cooler option?

Mattresses made from natural latex allow for a much cooler sleep. Sourced from rubber tree saps, natural latex does not retain heat. Natural latex mattresses also encourage more airflow in and around the mattress. An all natural latex mattress is the answer to your summer sleeping issues. And they are also hypoallergenic, mold and fungus resistant plus dust mites do not like them.

A Dormir natural latex mattress will not only help you to sleep better during the heat, it retains its shape and resilience, with a lifespan of two or three conventional mattresses.

At Dormir, our customers benefit from a family-owned business with a decades-long history of creating mattress and sleep accessories and many satisfied customers. We offer an online, one-stop mattress purchasing and delivery package. Count on us for a cooler, better, allergy and dust mite-free sleep!

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