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Q&A with Owner & CEO, Greg

Published February 9, 2023

Have a sit down with the owner and CEO of and learn what drives us to create quality mattresses for every kind of sleeper.

Shop foam mattresses wanted to create a direct path for you, our customer, to provide the best quality latex mattresses right to your door. We wanted to make a difference in people's lives to improve sleep quality, and we know how different a great night's sleep can change your mood, your physical comfort, and look forward to going to bed.

We are proud of our customization for any mattress and directly dealing with our natural latex providers, knowing it is sustainable and great for our environment.

As a family-run business, we hold ourselves accountable and hold each other to high standards to create the best mattresses for you. This means a product that lasts a long time is comfortable and is environmentally conscious/sustainable, so we don't see so many mattresses in a landfill.

Have any other questions or want to find the perfect mattress for you? Get In touch with our mattress experts today!

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