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Respiratory issues because of dust mites? Choose a natural latex mattress

Published February 9, 2023
Respiratory Issues Because Of Dust Mites? Choose A Natural Latex Mattress

Having respiratory issues can be challenging. One of the biggest but often overlooked culprits are dust mites which are often found in mattresses.

Common health problems caused by dust mites

Dust mites cause irritation in our airways and nasal passages which can lead to a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and more while also impacting your sleep quality. Most people who have asthma or dust mite allergies blame their health issues on dust or seasonal issues like hay fever or mold; they don’t suspect the tiny but mighty dust mite. These creatures feed on dead skin cells which have been shed and attach themselves to cotton, fibre, latex and foam. The mite feeds off of these skin cells which accumulate on our mattresses. However, apparently, they don’t like the taste of latex.

How I do to get rid of dust mites?

They are virtually impossible to complete eliminate. Regularly washing bed linens such as sheets, mattress pads, and vacuuming the mattress on a regular basis helps, but it’s not sufficient as they can still exist on the surface and deep down in the bed. Purchasing a new mattress along with a good barrier type dust mite resistant mattress cover or pillow protector, which are used together as soon as you bring them home from the store, is one option.

How can they be avoided?

An all natural latex mattress is the answer to your problems — hypoallergenic, mold and fungus resistant plus dust mites do not like them. A natural latex mattress is harder for them to penetrate. A Dormir natural latex mattress will not only help to eliminate dust mites, it retains its shape and resilience, with a lifespan of two or three conventional mattresses. At Dormir, our customers benefit from a family-owned business with a decades-long history of creating mattress and sleep accessories and many satisfied customers. We offer an online, one-stop mattress purchasing and delivery package. Count on us for a better, allergy and dust mite-free sleep!

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